Sewer Repair and Inspections

Sewer Repair and Inspections

It’s critical for both homeowners and prospective home buyers to have their sewer line inspected and, if necessary, repaired. This is because sewers are important components in how a home functions. They move water, cooking liquid, grease, soap, detergents, and waste away from the home. Without properly functioning sewers, homes can become stinky and unsanitary.

Who should get an inspection and when should minor problems be repaired?

Anyone who lives in a home could be eligible for an inspection. However, for homeowners and buyers that are living in or interested in a home that was built more than 20 years ago, a sewer inspection can be a good idea. Sewer lines that were made over 20 years ago could have been made with Orangeburg pipes- a type of pipe that is made out of tar paper that is known for collapsing.

Homes that have trees or are built in dry climates could also benefit from a sewer inspection because sometimes tree roots can reach out and burst through sewer pipes when they don’t receive the water that they need. Roots bursting sewer pipes can result in evacuation and repair.

Small problems like cracks should be repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid the problem getting worse. After the problem has gotten worse, it is harder and costly to fix. When it comes to dealing with waste products from sewers, no problem is considered a minor problem and every effort should be put into solving the issue and preventing it from getting worse.

clogged sewer
Close up shot of man digging tree roots out of an old ceramic sewer pipe in a hole in the ground, pointing at the area where tree roots have invaded the joint in the pipe.

What happens when I need a sewer repair?

If you find yourself in need of sewer repair services, look no further than our office. By picking up the phone and dialing our number, you can start the process of having your sewer problem reversed.

We’ll send a member of our team out to insect the sewer line in question, and then, if you are indeed in need of a repair, we can repair it. We’ll repair everything from minor cracks and abrasions to busted pipes.

Our team can have the job done in no time, which means that you can get on with your day to day life without worrying about your sewers for more than the time that it takes to call us and schedule an appointment.

If you have a sewer that’s in need of repair you know who to call!

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