Pros and Cons of using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Pros and Cons of using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Technological progress…

…a wonderful thing, isn’t it? More powerful computers than used to fill entire rooms now fit in our pockets. Physical distance is no longer a reason to remain out of touch with loved ones with advancements in communication technology. And traditional plumbing methods have been obsolesced by chemical drain cleaners. Right? Wrong. There have been some very beneficial, not to mention incredible, technological advancements in the last couple of decades. However, as easy as it might be to come by a bottle of any handful of chemical drain cleaners in virtually any general store, we have some serious reservations against including this among the list of either the beneficial or the incredible. Our main concern?

It’s Chemicals

We apologize if the concern seems redundant, but let us explain. These chemical compounds are mixtures of material specifically designed to burn and eat away at build up in your sink, your tub, and any other place you might have a drainage stop. This very convenience is also the downfall of cleaners of this nature: they burn and eat away at your drain clogs because they are toxic. As toxins, these also eat away at anything else they come into contact with, including your pipes themselves. This means that the very tool that you may be used to reduce your plumbing problems is actually causing more. A bigger problem occurs when these pipes either become too weak or don’t fully unclog with the help of those toxic liquids just poured down them. This then requires the work of a professional plumber to repair those damaged pipes, thereby risking exposure to a chemical “spill”/splash from the built-up drain cleaner. Even if the cleaner does happen to unclog your pipes, the personal risk of exposure to lingering toxic fumes and the subsequent natural risk of disposing “empty” bottles of unnaturally combined chemicals seem together to be enough to find an alternative solution to your clogged pipes.

The Alternative To Harsh Chemicals

Give Certified Plumbing in Macomb County, MI a call to discuss options for clearing out your pipes. We have the tools and the prowess to do the job with less risk to you, future plumbers, and our beautiful earth. As your neighbors and your friends, we don’t want to see you misled into trusting products that could do more harm than good. Let us do what we do best and employ our plumbing expertise in your service!

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